Vedic astrology helper

Learn your astrology with this program.

MB Astrology Rashi Chart (South Indian Style) offers to help users learn more about their star signs through Vedic astrology. While getting the information is not hard, users must be willing to translate the meaning for themselves.

The program's interface will not win any awards, but it does perform its function fairly well. While most information pertaining to one's sign is fairly easy to input, attaining the latitude and longitude of your birthplace requires users to click a link that takes them online, which some may not like. In addition, the Help file defined the various fields, but didn't provide enough information about Vedic astrology to help newcomers. Getting our astrological readout was fairly simple. Users input standard information about birth date and time, along with the above-mentioned latitude and longitude. Filling out the necessary information took only a few minutes and we were quickly taken to another screen featuring our Rashi Chart. The chart will be a mystery to anyone unfamiliar with this type of astrology, as it includes a nontraditional calendar and a list of planetary positions and other Vedic information. Luckily, a general understanding can be acquired with a brief online search.

The program offers no real special features other than its ability to save as a JPEG. However, we feel very strongly that users who are willing to overcome this freeware program's clunky interface will learn all they ever needed about their Rashi chart.

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