Simple numerology tool

Determine your lucky numbers and other astrological features with this program.

MB Numerology Software provides users with easy access to the world of lucky numbers and astrological signs. With an incredibly simple interface and highly readable results, this is a great tool for all levels of curious users.

This program's interface excels with its simplicity, focusing on easy-to-understand information boxes and highly readable results. While this program feels very intuitive, users who need more guidance can inspect the online Help file, which breaks the program down in a little more detail. Getting our astrological details was a simple matter of entering our name and birth date into the program. From there, we were provided with our lucky numbers, our star sign, primary and secondary colors, and a readable description of our character. This program's results were delightful compared with similar products we've tested. Where some astrological software requires outside research to understand, any amateur can interpret this one.

MB Numerology Software does not provide users with any special features, rather focusing on its primary function. However, we still highly recommend this freeware program thanks to its simple use and just as simple output that makes numerology accessible to experts and novices alike.

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