Astrology tool

Determine your Tamil astrology with this simple tool.

MB Tamil Astrology provides users with a tool for determining their future and characteristics using the Tamil form of readings. While it gets off to a rocky start, the program eventually leads to an excellent showcase of signs and lucky days.

The program's interface is a mixed bag. Its simple use of colors is matched by its simple interface and users can easily navigate through the screen that requests personal information (though the longitude and latitude of birth proves challenging and a little confusing). From there, users are treated to tabs that dictate their astrology on the proceeding screen. The program also offers a basic online Help file for those in need. MB Tamil Astrology requires users to enter their birthday, time zone, and longitude and latitude of their birth. With these basic bits of information the program quickly determines everything about your Tamil signs. Details regarding your birth star, bird details (Tamil, as users learn with the Help file, uses birds as symbols the same way other forms of astrology use planets), ruling days, and death days are listed as tabs and contain a generous amount of information about each. Newcomers to astrology should not have a hard time navigating or interpreting this simple screen.

The program is light on special features, which is actually a blessing, since it keeps the functionality focused. Overall, this freeware program is a great tool for those interested in learning more about themselves through Tamil astrology.

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