Astrological destiny predictor

Learn your future with this unfortunately complicated tool.

MB Feng Shui Ba Zi provides a program that sheds light on a user's destiny. However, without much direction, we predict users will need outside sources to translate their future.

Thankfully, this program could not have a much simpler interface. Users can enter their personal information in very plain boxes and pull-down menus for dates. From there, navigating the information is much easier than interpreting what it might mean. We were disappointed to find that the Help file did not give us much information beyond the program's core functions. The program asks users for their birthday, time of birth, and sex to determine their future. From there, a screen pops up featuring information regarding your destiny under the four pillars and the luck period of this astrological school of thought. While it was easy to look at each individual pillar or luck period's information, users without prior knowledge will have to consult outside information to determine what this collection of animal names and numbers means.

The program does not offer users any special features, and stays focused on its simple task. Because of its confusing results, we only recommend this freeware program for those experienced with Feng Shui Ba Zi astrology, or someone willing to put in the effort to learn.

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