Brain-power tool

Determine which side of your brain is dominant with this primitive program.

MB Brain Test is a simple program that answers users' questions about which side of their brain is more dominant. With a primitive display and simple questions, this program proves to be more fun than informative.

This download's interface is not going to win any beauty contests, but it proves to be functional. With primitive graphics leading users through a series of questions answered by clicking a radio button, there should be no confusion for users of any experience level, though there is an online Help file available. The program functions simply, which makes the test rather fun. After answering 20 questions regarding how creative or practical you are in decision-making, the program lists all your brain's qualities. Based on the results, you will be told if you favor your right or left brain and what qualities a person like you most likely has. There is no indication these questions come from any accredited psychological background, so just remember to take the test all in fun.

There are no special features offered with this program, though there are plenty of annoying advertisements offering to help you make more money. With a primitive display that any user can navigate, this freeware program is a fun way to look into your mind a little deeper.

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