Brain quiz program

Learn about what kind of brain you have with this simple program.

MB Brain Teasers provides users with three simple tests to gain a better picture of how the mind works. While these tests prove to be fun, their questionable accuracy is only matched by the iffy graphics.

This program's interface is incredibly simple, thanks in part to the basic display. Looking like something designed several decades ago, or even a cheap pop-up ad, this primitive display is nothing much to look at. Fortunately, navigating through the brain tests is incredibly simple and requires no trip to the online Help file, though one is available. The program's tests (one to determine if you are right or left brained, one to determine if you are more masculine or feminine, and one to determine your emotional quotient) are simple affairs where users click a radio button to answer a question. Most tests are made up of about 20 questions and give a brief explanation at the end of the test on how your answers reflect upon your brain. While the questions were fun, we got no sense that this was a scientific test at all. In fact, most of the questions felt like an e-mail forward, not a psychological examination.

However, MB Brain Teasers never promises to be anything deep. And it sticks to that promise well. While the program's interface is very primitive, and the program offers no special features, this freeware program can be a good way to kill time as long as people don't take it seriously.

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