Duplicate photo eliminator

Remove duplicate photos with this professional-looking program.

PhotoSort provides users with a tool to sort through their photographs and eliminate any duplicates quickly and easily. Thanks to its professional layout and fast results, this is a great download for anyone looking to clear up space on their hard drive.

This program boasts a beautiful interface that functions so intuitively that any level of computer user should feel comfortable. The professional design utilizes colors and large icons to shepherd people through the process of comparing their snapshots and does so in a way that makes the program's Help file almost unnecessary. Finding and deleting duplicate photos only took a few button clicks, and left us very impressed. Users first select the folders they want to scour for duplicates and the program does the rest. PhotoSort compares all files in a matter of seconds and provides a list, with side-by-side shots, to compare. The program says eliminating duplicates is as simple as clicking on a button; however this trial version will not allow users to delete or move photos to the Recycle Bin.

PhotoSort is organized in such a simple fashion that it doesn't really offer any special features. However, its functionality was so easy to use and efficient, we didn't mind. Thanks to its intelligent design and phenomenal performance, we highly recommend this download for anyone aiming to save time and cut out duplicate photos.

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