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View Web sites from your hard drive with this program.

PageNest Free Edition offers users an opportunity to download entire Web sites to their computer. While the navigation of this program is occasionally confusing, the results are great.

The program's interface is tangled and confusing, but ultimately not impossible to manage. Its very plain layout leads to some confusion, especially when attempting to download a site. However, if people are willing to experiment with the options, they will soon understand this program's quirks. In addition, there is a comprehensive Help file available to walk users through most options. Once we learned how the program was to function, we were pleased with the speed and overall quality of the program. Entire sites were instantly on our hard drive and could be surfed just as if they were connected online. Users sort through the downloaded pages with a simple-to-manage tree that takes them to the page with a single click.

The program's special features mainly revolve around customizing your download. For users who want to save space on their hard drive, limiting the pictures, graphics and Web site layers, this is an excellent tool. While this program could stand to be a bit more intuitive to operate, we were pleased with its results. Anyone interested in surfing their favorite Web sites offline will enjoy this free download.

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