Photo duplicate finder

Seek out duplicate photos taking up valuable hard-drive space.

Visual Similarity Duplicate Image Finder offers people a chance to seek out duplicate photos and clear some space on their hard drive. With extremely simple controls, this program excels in all the right places.

The program's interface is surprisingly simple considering the complex task it performs. Users can easily navigate through photo folders, select settings for the search, and begin finding duplicates with the simple click of a few buttons. The program also offers a Help file for people who may have questions about this basic setup. Users must know where their photos and possible duplicates are stored, as this program doesn't search the entire hard drive, but rather only selected photos. While this was slightly annoying, once this process begins, it quickly seeks out all the possible dupes, lists them, and allows users to view them side-by-side to decide whether or not to delete the shots. One important note, deleting pictures is disabled on the trial version of this program.

The Image Finder's features were very basic and geared toward making your experience with the program better. Users can tweak what qualities the program searches for with a few simple check boxes. This program is a great tool for clearing computer space. Anyone who is concerned about duplicate photos will have a simple time erasing duplicates thanks to this fantastic download.

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