Photo-retouching software

Fix annoying red eyes in your digital photos with this program.

Red Eye Pilot offers to help users eliminate the annoying photo problem of red eye. With controls slimmed down to the basics, this program is a hit, even if it is difficult to navigate at times.

The program's interface mimics full photo-editing suites, but only provides a few simple buttons and command icons. Its biggest asset is the excellent four-part tutorial. Each segment lasts less than a minute, but left us with a feeling of confidence in the program. For anyone still seeking more guidance, there is a well-planned Help file. The program offers one function that works very well. Users focus on the red portion of the eye and Red Eye Pilot automatically selects the area to darken. Using a simple slider command, the red is easily turned to a subtle black that looks natural. The only rough patch we encountered was when the program didn't convert all of the red and we had to manually alter its area. This felt clumsy to alter the area with another slider, but eventually resulted in good changes.

The program is light on features, but the most prominent is the Original Photo button. This allows you to see the original shot to monitor your progress. We did come across a trial restriction that saves your work as a special file type. But thanks to a simple premise that works well most of the time, we highly recommend this program for changing your red eyes to natural colors.

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