Clunky interface

Sprint to this full-featured calendar, but only if you have lots of patience.

RunningMan Calendar touts itself as a full-featured, easy-to-use calendar, but after getting our hands on it, we found it to be anything but.

RunningMan Calendar's user interface is, well, clunky. The Help menu on the publisher's Web site does offer some helpful information--for example, the main Help menu will give you a list of what is possible with this calendar--but we found it overall limited in its scope. We got started by clicking on a day in the calendar, hitting the File button, and adding an anniversary. A notepad document popped up with instructions on how to type the information in just such a way to make it appear on the calendar (the instructions are not consistent with other instructions that pop up over the application--sometimes vital information is left for the imagination). In fact, without the special "coding," information you enter will not appear on the calendar.

Yes, this clunky app offers lots of ways to help you keep track of your comings and goings, and its foldable and printable document possibility is truly a great idea. But overall, RunningMan calendar may only be really ideal if you like old-school apps devoid of forms to complete and check boxes to check and Help menus to help. For the price, you may want to take a clue from the RunningMan icon and sprint to another calendar if you want something that is full featured and intuitive, too.

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