Real estate organizer

Organize clients and properties with this simple tool for real estate agents.

Real Estate Assistant can help agents track listings and clients. It throws in a few related tools, but we would've liked to see more integration between the list of properties for sale and the list of clients who want to buy.

This program looks like the database-driven application it is. Very little has been done to dress up Real Estate Assistant's interface, but the plain window is fairly easy to navigate. Tiny command icons run along the top of a large pane for major functions. Basic command icons running along the left hand side are for printing, saving and the like. Users can input a customer list very easily, adding basic information such as name, contact information, and type of property they are looking for with a set of radio buttons. Properties you are showing can also be listed in a separate section, and the process is very similar. The search feature also uses radio buttons to easily select price and other criteria for finding entries. The program includes a calendar, but it doesn't let you set reminders, so you must regularly view your appointments to see what's next. Other features include various mortgage and finance calculators to help you do the math for potential buyers or sellers.

We would have liked to have seen a way to cross reference the property listing with the client listing, but you have to manually find potential matches. There's also a very short 15-use trial period, but that should be enough to see if Real Estate Assistant is right for you. While the program worked overall, it's lacking a few niceties and the drab interface isn't very appealing. If you're more concerned with ease of use, this application certainly fits the bill.

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