Family scheduler

Organize your family members' hectic lives with one program.

Family Runner offers all the amenities of a traditional calendar, but it's tailored specifically to help parents and kids stay on track.

This program will look familiar to anyone with experience in calendaring systems like Microsoft's Outlook, although the overall look here is less professional in design. A large month-view calendar dominates the left side of the screen, and a list of that day's events are shown chronologically on the right side. Below are important phone numbers and contacts, and the top of the screen showcases all the command icons for entering new data. While Family Runner's plain, mostly black and white interface isn't much to look at, the color-coded To-Do list really pops out.

The program features a flexible way of entering data that makes it better for family use than traditional calendars. Here, users can assign responsibility for events to various parents and compare each one's schedule so nobody is left without a ride after soccer practice. In addition, users can assign priorities to events so that the most important things don't fall through the cracks.

You'll get prompted to register the program, but otherwise you're able to fully test Family Runner. It may not have the sleekest design, but we liked its family-oriented approach.

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