Innovative organizational tool

Keep your personal data organized in one place with this flexible program.

While some programs focus only on passwords or account information, eWallet promises to help keep all of your important numbers together in one secure place.

This program's colorful, busy interface looks overwhelming at first, but there's an excellent Wizard to guide you through the process. The interface has a large central screen to view a selected record. Along the left side is a file tree that is dedicated to your virtual wallet and all the records it will contain. The top of the screen houses the commands that allow you to develop this wallet. Adding an item is simple and quite flexible. In all, there are more than 30 options, ranging from an eBay account to a Social Security number, and each can intuitively be filled out. You also can customize the fields to better meet your needs. When you select an entry, it is displayed much like a card from a Rolodex and the layout is just as simple.

As promised, links you enter for Web sites can be launched from the program and your password information will automatically be filled in. For security, the program is password-protected and you can quickly choose to display key information like passwords or PINs for entries or leave this information hidden.

If you're struggling to keep account information, passwords, and other important personal data organized, eWallet offers an effective, flexible tool to help. Recommended for any user looking to streamline personal data management.

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