Simple bookkeeper

Add and subtract from your business' balance sheet with this program.

While some financial management programs are complex and require some time to learn, Easy Cash Manager strips away all but the most simple money tracking elements. It's easy to learn, but it may not fit the bill for everyone needing to manage their money.

This freeware program has a bold, all-green display that is laid out fairly simply. The green is a bit over the top, but the simplicity of the screen makes it easy to get started. The left screen is merely blank space. The right offers simple buttons to add deposits or subtract expenses. In simple black type, your original balance, and all deductions and incomes are added for the grand total.

Easy Cash Manager also offers users opportunities to filter their figures, as well as run surveys and sort by specific criteria. You can see income by day in a simple listing, for example, and the percentage of overall income that a day's income represents. However, it doesn't have the range of features found in similar money management programs. The trade-off for the simplicity of using Easy Cash Manager is the lack of advanced features.

Bookkeeping is rarely a case of simple addition and subtraction. However, if that is all you require for your accounting needs, you will not find a simpler, easier download than Easy Cash Manager.

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