Complex note-maker

Remind yourself of important information in a variety of manners with this program.

Power Notes provides a way of taking digital notes that could meet the needs of all users. While its features are great, some users may grow dislike the program's design.

With basic icons outlining its options for creating new notes and organizing, users will find Power Notes' interface to be pleasing at first. However, creating a note offers a confusing collection of options and sidetracks that might not appeal to all users. Fortunately, the program also offers a Quick Note option that cuts to the basics of note-creation. The online Help file offers a clearer definition of how to manage the program's complexity. Once users feel comfortable with the various options, creating a note feels intuitive and is done quickly. Managing notes by bringing some to the forefront and hiding others is also a simple matter that all level of users should quickly master. Power Notes provides users with some unique features that certainly sets it apart from similar programs. Most impressive is the capability to create reminders that open URLs and start computer programs. Other interesting options including the freedom to choose a skin and the capability to format the text by altering the font and placing your message anywhere on the note.

While this 16-day trial's (along with a nag screen) interface took some getting used to, we were pleased with its flexibility and capability to please users with both in-depth and quick note-making options. We recommend this download for all experience levels.

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