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Send anonymous bulk emails with this program.

MaxBulk Mailer for Windows is a program designed to help people send personalized e-mails to large quantities of people. While it has a lot on its upside, the program also proves to be a little vague for inexperienced users.

This e-mail program should feel recognizable to users familiar with professional quality e-mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook. With a series of tabs taking users through the process of writing and sending bulk e-mails, people almost don't need to visit the Help file. If they do, e-mail senders will be treated to an in-depth dissection of MaxBulk's functions. Creating an e-mail moved smoothly and quickly, giving us options for attachments and a full range of word processing tools. Creating an address book can be tedious entering each name individually; however, entire lists can be imported with a few quick and painless clicks, which was an enormous time saver.

One feature we liked was the program's capability to use to customize the sender's information so it can provide anonymity. But one feature we felt was lacking was the program's capability to perform Mail Merges. This can be an indispensable tool for customizing e-mails, but the Help file does little to clarify how to perform a mail merge. Prior experience is certainly a plus. However, with its smooth interface, some thoughtful additions and easy navigation we found this 30-day trial to be a good download option for anyone looking to reach a lot of people with a single e-mail.

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