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Seek and save any icon on your computer with this program.

Icons from File offers users an opportunity to fish through their computer and safely extract any icon imaginable. With a very simple design, this program's best feature is its focus.

This program has an incredibly simple interface that may be a little confusing on your first try and require a trip to the Help file to define what its sparse buttons do. While the program aims at making selecting the folder to search easy, some may be surprised to find several different methods for choosing what icon to extract, using everything from drag-and-drop to file trees. Icons from File displays whatever icon you find in a matter of seconds and lets users save it wherever they choose with a very intuitive save function.

Icons from File is pretty light on added features, choosing instead to focus on the task-at-hand. Its search feature is handy for quick icon hunts and its capability to save a large amount of icons as one picture could come in handy in the right situation. We found the program's lack of features to be a good way to stay focused and eliminate confusion for users. Therefore, we recommend this free program to anyone with a need to seek and save icons on their hard drive.

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