Confusing PDF creator

Have a little patience when operating this confusing program.

Converting files into PDFs is a valuable tool for many people. PDFill PDF and Image Writer Free claims to easily make this conversion and help fine tune the files in the process. While it looks like all the pieces are in place for this conversion, we were disappointed by this PDFill's lack of direction.

Users are introduced to this free program by a fairly overwhelming screen. The top is blue, with a great deal of buttons and tabs, mostly allowing users to select whether they wish to create PDFs, JPEGs, BMPs, or other files. Below, users are directed to a larger series of tabs, each of which contains several boxes, drop-down menus, and radio buttons. This section is aimed at selecting the file for conversion and perfecting its options. PDFill was not intuitive from the beginning, but a trip to the Help menu instructed us to first select a file to print, indicating that only then would the file load itself onto PDFill. We did as directed and our file did show up, but we still had no direction or luck attempting to convert our test file into a PDF.

We were constantly frustrated because this program promised to be simple and was anything but. The process is convoluted and the results are absolutely poor. We have tested many other PDF converters that flow much more intuitively and we suggest users find one of those.

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