Time-telling screensaver

Keep track of time while giving your screen a rest with this simple program.

Liquid Clock is a simple screensaver that offers to keep track of the time while your computer takes a break. Its simple design makes it a great choice for those looking to keep things easy.

Liquid Clock dominates the screen once it is activated. With a bold, blue background, it is impossible to miss. The clock itself is a black outline of a traditional clockface, with hands for hours, minutes, and seconds. The design company's logo is at the center of the clock and the current date is embedded in the clock's face. Control over the clock is very limited--a fact some users may love and others may find disappointing. Clicking on the desktop icon brings users to their computer's screensaver manager. From there you can set the amount of idle time that will trigger Liquid Clock, but not much else. The clock's time is coordinated with the time the computer shows at the bottom of the screen, so there is nowhere to adjust it.

Liquid Clock is a fine screensaver for anyone looking for a clock to appear when a computer is idle. Its simplicity makes it highly appealing for download.

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