Kid-friendly browser

Let your children surf the Web with this youthful browser.

KidZui promises to be a child-friendly Web browser that not only allows kids to have fun, but protects them at the same time. With a fantastic interface, this is an excellent choice for young Internet users.

This Firefox add-on consists of bold, bright colors and large icons that are simple enough for children to maneuver. With separate tabs across the top, users can choose between viewing the Web, pictures, or video. Along the left side, a series of icons offer links to various kid-oriented Web sites, ranging from games to animals and everything in between, all of which KidZui has already deemed appropriate for viewing. The bottom contains icons allowing young ones to describe their moods via smiley face emoticons, to share content, and to alter the screen size. We were impressed with the setup and confident that computer savvy children would have no problem surfing the Web with this program. We were also equally pleased with security. Children trying to access a non-KidZui approved screen are told to ask their parents to add it. There is a separate screen for parental controls that requires a password to enter, and from there, new sites can be added to the user's safe list.

With a great variety of choices for children and impressive security controls, we found this to be a great option for kids who want to surf the Internet and parents who want to keep them away from inappropriate material. We highly recommend this Firefox add-on.

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