Read-only spreadsheet scheduler

Coordinate your employees' schedules with this spreadsheet program.

Easy Shift Scheduler offers users a program to help keep the dizzying statistics of the workweek in check. This Excel Spreadsheet appears to offer everything an employer could want, but the trial version makes it hard to know for certain.

The program is a colorfully designed spreadsheet with a large number of tabs across the bottom to provide you with all the different angles needed to manage employees' time cards. With 11 screens dedicated to employees, scheduling, shifts, and total hours, users can manually fill in the upcoming schedules of up to 25 employees. We imagine the most useful tab will be Total Hours, which presumably tallies up all the entered hours for each employee.

We have to imagine how these tabs would really function because this trial version is read-only and therefore does not allow for full testing. While this is a major inconvenience, we can only hope that the program works as well as it looks, because Easy Shift Scheduler is designed about as nice as a spreadsheet could be. So, if you are willing to take a risk on this scheduling software, Easy Shift Scheduler could be a huge help in your business.

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