Comprehensive calculator for sciences

Calculate and reference up to 80 science tools with this all-in-one app for science students.

No need to rely on an abacus or fingers and toes once you have this free Calculator for Science Students in your toolbox. A variety of calculators, converters, references, and glossaries reside at your fingertips through this full-featured app.

This calculator launches a nicely designed, easy-to-use interface--slightly drab, but easy to comprehend. It offers a numeric keypad and buttons for performing a number of scientific calculations. Below the keypad are six tabs that provide access to a wide series of tools that will make a handy reference for science students and teachers. This application performed quickly and very well in our tests. We were very pleased with the number of tools and references it made available. (Semi-fuddy-duddies will be happy to see a list of metric prefixes you can never remember, and the conversion tools will help in translating U.S. measures to European--along with linear acceleration and angular acceleration for hip physicists and amateur astronomers.) Only a few tools require purchasing the fully registered version of the app (unfortunately, the quadratic calculator is one of them), and in all cases the price is very affordable.

Home schoolers will really appreciate this download--it's like a compact mathematics desk reference on your hard drive--but we recommend it for all users.

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