Cluttered interface

Capture video and audio from a variety of sources with this widely functional app.

Video and audio fans can capture and manipulate files in a variety of ways with this application, which offers a strong array of capabilities, but novices will be intimidated by the cluttered interface.

Breeze Standard Edition launches a medium-size window that--surrounding the video-viewing pane--is cluttered with buttons, icons and fields. Nothing about this application is designed for novices, for its design is not intuitive, and the Help feature, while it presents a lot of detail about the app's features, doesn't include a tutorial that would most benefit new users. That caveat aside, the app performed well in our test, although some of the URLs we entered for accessing Internet videos were rejected by the app as unreachable. These glitches may have been merely caused by connectivity issues within our testing environment, but users should be aware of the problem as they try out Breeze on their own. The learning curve is a bit steep, because the designers have installed a lot of features into the app. The tabbed interface provides a lot of flexibility for working with multiple files from multiple streams, and the very many media formats the app supports will make it very handy for users who work with a wide variety of media.

The trial period should be adequate for most users to determine the app's usefulness, but the initial barrier for most users will be the confusing interface. Still, getting past that speed bump will unleash a lot of features for playing with a variety of media.

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