Bible study software

Study scripture with this mostly free Bible study software.

Within Bible Max, you can find several Bible translations, commentaries, devotionals, references (including maps), and more. We found working within Bible Max to be fairly intuitive. A very nice feature is its daily devotional.

Bible Max has lots to offer, but it does have a few drawbacks. For example, although it touts itself as free (even includes a seal that reads: "Bible Software Should Be Free"), many users will find they need to purchase a CD or two or three for additional Bible translations and commentaries and more (although to be fair, some are available as a free download), particularly those users who need a translation other than the default or the handful of downloadable versions. And although the Bible Max Help and Tutorial menus are fairly comprehensive, its FAQs are quite sparse. Also, its download center is cluttered with ads, ads, and more ads.

The bottom line is that Bible Max offers much but is not a one-stop shop for all things Bible and Bible commentary. For example, users who want to consult the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible will need to go elsewhere as this translation and many more are not available within Bible Max, even as a CD. And although Bible Max makes available lots of commentaries and other tools, it does not make available all or even most. Bible Max is a good start, but it should probably not be the only tool relied upon for Bible study.

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