Image airbrusher

Make subtle fixes to your photos with this simple program.

Beauty Pilot lets users feel like a professional photo editor by giving them the tools to airbrush and lightly improve portraits. With an extremely focused set of tools, users will enjoy touching up their photos with this simple download.

The program starts off with a bang, offering a five-part tutorial (each takes less than a minute to watch) that teaches you everything you need to know about this user-friendly program. The action takes place on a screen with only a few tool icons, which keeps users from guessing and cuts right to the chase of improving snapshots. Actually changing the photos was a happy surprise. Within minutes we were softening focus, changing eye color, and adjusting brightness with the program's simple point-and-click method. Fine-tuning each tool's level and color was equally simple. We were happy with the outcome of the program's work because photos genuinely looked better thanks to blemishes and shadows being subtly removed, though the eye color adjuster was a little harsher with its colors. Also, we were able to get a good side-by-side view of our progress thanks to Beauty Pilot's Original Photo feature. This single button temporarily erased all our work to showcase the original and then added our changes back for a quick comparison.

We highly recommend this 30-day trial thanks to its ease and effectiveness for anyone looking to make some quick photo alterations.

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