Hot-key commander

Designate mouse movements as hot keys with this program.

Hot Corners provides users who love navigating their screen with hot keys an opportunity to utilize their mouse movements as well. While easy to set up and use, some may grow frustrated with the program's sensitivity.

The program's only real screen interface comes when users must set up their keys. This step is surprisingly simple and should be welcoming to all skill levels with its clean screens and simple drop-down menus for designating actions. A Help file is available to users who may not be familiar with hot-key programs. Utilizing the hot keys was simple, but also frustrating. We were able to easily designate our mouse movements to do anything from opening Google, to opening our Control Panel, starting a screensaver, and more. By using a series of keystrokes the program is activated and our mouse movements responded in quick action, which impressed us. The only drawback was that if the program is not disabled, your every movement results in opening new screens, which could frustrate novice users who do not have a great deal of control over mouse and keyboard functions.

The program offers surprisingly little by way of features, which we felt kept Hot Corners on target. Users can adjust the reaction time of your mouse movements and the program commands, but beyond that, are not burdened by unnecessary features. Though newcomers will need to spend a little time getting used to controlling the mouse movements, this free program is sure to please those who live and die by their hot keys.

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