Instant messaging tool

Send messages to friends and do other tasks with this versatile program.

MSC Messenger attempts to be an alternative instant messaging system with some added bonuses. While it piles on the additional choices, most users will need to let their head stop spinning before using this program.

The interface will look somewhat familiar to anyone who has sent instant messages in the past. The rectangular screen is perfectly sized for keeping track of buddies and monitoring conversations. However, MSC provides an almost overwhelming number of added icons and commands that will probably lead most users to the online Help menu for some direction. Once users familiarize themselves with the layout, adding buddies and sending them messages is a matter of clicking a few buttons and will prove to be a breeze, especially for those with prior IM experience. It should be noted that users must create a free account with the program in order to begin, though. The actual message sending on this program is pretty standard and does not set it apart from the competition. MSC Messenger attempts to stand out with its added features. From the ability to send a text message to a friend's phone, free video games, and an MP3 player, these features added a level of fun and usefulness (especially the text messaging) that we didn't expect.

While the layout might initially confuse, this freeware offers enough in features and functionality to make us recommend this as a unique download for instant messaging.

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