Media manager

Catalog and monitor your collection of media with this tool.

Librarian Pro provides users with a tool for cataloging their movies, books, music, and more. While this system is a great addition to people who are overwhelmed with organizing their collection, its features take some getting used to.

Users will find this program's layout fairly inviting upon first glance. Your library and lenders are divided into user-friendly areas and entering new information feels fairly simple. The only time a newcomer may need to utilize the online Help file is using Amazon's product descriptions to populate your library. Fortunately, with a little reading and experimenting, this becomes second nature. Users who find their book, movie, music, or other form of media can import its information from Amazon with the simple click of a button, which not only catalogs the item, but provides a description, reviews, and other information without the user having to do additional work. Beyond its impressive ability to organize your media, the program only offers one other significant feature: its ability to keep track of loaned material was easy to manage and customize. Users can set up borrower profiles with contact information and even input a photo. Marking what items are borrowed and returned are as easy as clicking a single button, which cut out most confusion.

While managing this program's Amazon capabilities took us a little time to warm to, we see it as indispensable to this 15-day trial and recommend it for anyone working to get their library organized.

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