Creates number lists

Create a randomly selected list of numbers with this mathematical tool.

Random Number Generator Pro lives up to its title by providing users randomly selected numbers between specific parameters. While the program's function is a success, users may be immediately turned off by its interface.

With a cluttered black and white screen featuring several buttons controlling the high and low numbers, most users will think to immediately jump to the Help file. Unfortunately, the Help file doesn't provide much direction and barely even defines what each section of the screen does and how it results in random numbers. Confused users should simply try experimenting with this tangle of buttons and digits, which become less confusing after a few runs. As its description promises, entering high and low numbers results in a list of random digits between those parameters. The function is very simple and Random Number Generator is smart to avoid straying too far from its focus and not offering unnecessary tools. However, the program provides a few features that help users with their random numbers. We liked the ability to sort the random numbers from high to low and vice-versa with a single button click, as well as a button that allows you to exclude specific digits.

This 30-day trial (that limits your parameters from 0 to 29) initially frustrated us with its cluttered interface and directionless Help file, but proved to be simple enough to learn through trial and error. For that reason we only recommend this program for users who absolutely must have a program to randomly list numbers.

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