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Compute complex math equations using this helpful calculator.

Smart Math Calculator aims to help users perform complex mathematical equations with a deep list of functions. Thanks to its simple interface and helpful features, this program has the ability to help even those who are not natural mathematicians.

This program's interface is certain to overwhelm anyone who has never used a scientific calculator before (it features a full range of equations and function buttons), but should look normal to those who have calculated equations using similar physical models in the past. While the program looks and operates like a traditional calculator, its interface shines with a Help file that not only discusses each key's function, but also provides basic tutorials on variables, expressions, and functions. Inputting calculations proved to be simple and more intuitive than a physical calculator. By typing numbers using your keyboard and selecting calculations using the mouse, the program automatically gives the answer, eliminating the step of clicking the equal key. In addition to its quick calculations, the program provides helpful features like a library of equations and functions. In addition, scrolling our mouse over the various function keys showcased a small window that detailed what this key does and even an example of how we could use it, which is a big boost for newcomers.

Thanks to its more than helpful features and ease of use, this free program provides an excellent alternative to expensive physical calculators. This is a great download for any budding mathematician.

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