Date calculator

Calculate days and years on a calendar with this interesting program.

Easy Date Converter provides users with an opportunity to take two dates and calculate how many days separate them. While effective, this program's flood of options may make it more intimidating than it actually is.

The program's main screen will certainly overwhelm many users upon first glance with a cluttered collection of fillable fields and radio buttons all representing various aspects of the program's calendar. A trip to Easy Date Converter's online Help file is not out of the question in order to acclimate yourself to all the various options. The program's options are not entirely for nothing, though. Most are there to make the program reflect the calendar you are most comfortable with. At the core of this program, when you strip away the dizzying customizations, are simply places to input two dates. The program quickly reveals how many days separate both days with the push of a button.

Easy Date Converter's features are what make this program so customizable and confusing. Users can do everything from eliminating weekends from their calculations to discovering the Hermetic Leap Week Date. While most of these extras are unnecessary and many users will just want to keep the default choices, they are available for those who need them. While the program is overwhelming with its options and the trial only lets users calculate dates up to 2008, it performs its job well enough for us to recommend it to anyone needing a quick date calculation.

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