Offline Web browser

Download and browse Web sites while offline with this program.

Offline Explorer Enterprise offers users an opportunity to surf their favorite Web sites when not connected to the Internet. While some may find the program initially overwhelming, the program's capability to save Web content directly to your computer will quickly become natural.

This program's busy interface may overwhelm users who are unfamiliar with this type of software. Thankfully, the Help file instructs users what each icon and box does and how each is essential to fully appreciating Offline Explorer Enterprise. While there are a lot of things to take in, the program is certainly not cluttered, which should help users quickly find their footing while navigating. Selecting a Web site and downloading it to the computer is easy and full of opportunities to customize to save hard drive space and time. We found this to be a key feature, because of the time the program takes to capture online content. We found small pages were quickly saved, but would have liked to see larger ones (we tested a popular news Web site) downloaded more quickly. In all, though, once the material was saved, we were able to navigate and explore the Web page with the program's browser, just as if it were online.

Even though we found the downloading process a little slow, we were pleased with its capability to let users surf the Web while offline. We recommend this download for those needing to use the Internet while offline.

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