Easy-to-use business database

Track sales, inventory, and more with this powerful MS Access-based app.

Tracking a number of items--sales, inventory, suppliers, customers, employees, and more--is a snap with this MS Access-based app that's easy to use and master.

Omega Enterprise Manager launches a large window within which a smaller menu window lets you navigate to its many database interfaces and reports. However, even after you install and launch the app the first time, you'll be prompted to download and install a package of Support files, which includes Microsoft Access 2002 Runtime. The program also launches an Internet nag window when you boot it. Once the app is up and running, the design makes understanding and using its tools a very simple matter. We were pleased with Omega Enterprise Manager's performance during our tests. The design created a good work flow, and we appreciated the preloaded categories for credit ratings and billing cycles. Adding to or editing these preformatted items was simply a matter of clicking a button on the appropriate window. Adding customers, products, employees, and similar categories of items also was a simple process. We especially liked the Reports feature, with its Summaries for sales, orders, payroll, accounts, and accounts receivable.

The 15-day trial period may prove short for many users, but the price for a registered copy of the app isn't too harsh. And the ease of use may convince a trial user of the app's worth very quickly. Overall, this is a very nice, handy package.

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