Easy-to-use home-accounting application

Leave frustration behind with this straightforward, easy-to-use home-budgeting application.

This home-accounting app is powerful, while being both straightforward and easy to use. Millionaire 2020 launches a simple tabbed interface with a row of buttons. Although a robust Help feature provides details on how to get the most from the app, a first-time user can determine how to use this software just by looking at the interface.

The program performed very well during our tests. We liked the simplicity of entering recurring items, such as paychecks and mortgage payments, which included setting up frequency and dates of occurrence. One-time items also were easy to add. Non-financial-savvy users will appreciate the simple lingo, with credits and debits labeled Receive$ and Pay Out$. Editing existing items was also simple. Very handy were the Spending Plan and Budget features; with the click of a button, the app automatically built a report for these items. The Graph button quickly created a Cash Flow chart that graphically illustrated the good or bad news resulting from your entries.

The trial period is adequate for nearly all home users, and the price isn't too harsh on the pocketbook. Other apps have more bells and whistles and may help plan for taxes and investments, but most personal users entering the world of accounting software will appreciate this app's simplicity.

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