Pointless spyware monitor

Avoid this minimalist spyware monitoring and removal tool.

Thanks to this spyware removal program's lack of a Help file and vague interface, it is difficult to imagine a less appealing utility than Spyware Vaccine.

This freeware installs easily and doesn't infect your computer with anything, but that is about all we can say in its favor. On launching, the application goes straight to the system tray. Once we realized that nothing was happening, we double-clicked on the small bottle icon, and were presented with a larger bottle icon that contained a link to Scan and a link to the maker's Web site. Clicking Scan opened a window whose title provided the status (in our case, the title read "Analyzing complete, no spyware found") and with an area that evidently would list pieces of spyware had any been discovered. We were left with three options: click a magnifying glass icon to (presumably) scan again, click an Internet Explorer icon to open the maker's Web site, or exit the program.

Spyware Vaccine offered no Help file worth mentioning, and virtually no clues as to what was actually happening during its scan process. We certainly can't recommend this as a viable program to remove spyware.

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