Virtual chessboard

Play chess against a computer or another human with this fun but flawed game.

Falco Chess offers users an opportunity to play digital chess against a computer or an online opponent. While this game looks great and has many helpful features, one addition makes play slightly annoying.

This program has a top-notch appearance with a three-dimensional board and pieces, and a changeable background. Its added features are clearly laid out and the Help file defines them all, though it does not offer any tutorial in the rules of chess. While the Falco Chess' interface was great, we found the rapidly changing advertisements for other games annoying and actually slowed gameplay a little. Aside from the banner ads, the game was a cinch to play. Clicking and dragging pieces highlighted squares where they could legally be moved, which will certainly help any user who doesn't know the game inside and out. We were most impressed by Falco Chess' features. Three levels of computer difficulty are a big plus, while connecting to another player online is simple, provided you know their IP address and Port. In addition, the game controls for speeding up the computer's thought process and the ability to take back a poor move made the game's flow much faster and enjoyable.

This chess program covers a lot of bases well with its fun play and great features. While the advertisements might make players grumble a little, it should not be enough of a roadblock to stop chess fans from downloading this program.

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