Raw data manager

Watch and manage the minute workings of your hard drive on this program.

EF Process Manager helps computer users take a look under their hard drive's hood. But with an overwhelming amount of information in a tight space, users might need to take extra time to warm up to it.

This program's appearance is sure to make a user's head spin, unless they already have an intimate knowledge of their computer. Two claustrophobic screens of strange words and changing numbers is a real time representation of the processes and modules in your hard drive. The Help file focuses more on how to execute commands and less on defining this confusing clutter, but should provide novice users with enough data to get a feel for the screen. Checking the status of programs and modules and closing unnecessary ones is EF Process Manager's main job and it is accomplished easily thanks to obvious command icons. One feature we particularly enjoyed, which helped to relieve some of the confusion, came whenever we clicked a process. Instantly the modules that it utilized were highlighted and gave us a clearer picture about how well that process was working and how much space it used.

Expert computer users with a hearty understanding of terminology will love this program's depth. However, unless a novice computer user has a pressing need to really dig into their processes, they'd be better off sticking with a simpler choice like Windows' Task Manager to view their programs and processes.

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