E-mail scheduler

Send emails anonymously and on a schedule with this program.

Auto Mail Sender promises to help users send e-mails on a schedule and from virtual identities. With a mostly easy-to-understand setup, this program performs its complicated task so nearly anyone can use its power.

This program is set up to mimic the appearance and interface of less flashy e-mail programs like Microsoft Outlook, but with a few more rows to fill to help protect the sender's identity. Users familiar with sending e-mails should not have a difficult time navigating through this program, but can consult Auto Mail Sender's thorough Help file if an issue arises. Some of the features that make this program stand out are its easy capability to send the mail from a virtual address, set the e-mail's time and date sent to any time imaginable and import an address book from another e-mail system through a simple menu. Scheduling e-mails to send hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly was as simple as setting an alarm clock, while filling out and sending the actual e-mail felt natural. However, users must input their server and port before the mail sends, which could be a snag for more novice computer users, but not an impossible hurdle.

A trial limitation prevents you from sending more than 26 e-mails. However, thanks to its capability to disguise senders and to easily set a schedule, we recommend this program for anyone who needs secrecy and repetition in their email sending.

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