Simple but powerful financial program

Track your finances and create budgets with this accessible software.

Account Xpress does what many programs--in particular, home budget programs--fail to achieve. Namely, the program manages to be both extremely powerful and easy to use. Account Xpress is a great fit for users who merely want to track their expenses and those who desire a detailed analysis of their monthly finances.

At first glance it's not entirely obvious where users should begin, but the Help file offers a very well-written Getting Started section that should have users up and running within minutes. The interface is divided into six sections, which are explained in detail in the Help file and become easy to navigate with a bit of practice. To begin, users add accounts and transactions, which are arranged by customizable categories. Users enter transactions throughout the month and then, with guidance from the Help file if needed, reconcile their accounts against their bank statements to check for errors. Transactions can be entered manually or imported from Quicken Interchange files (qif) and Open Financial Exchange files (ofx and qfx).

For some users, tracking income and expenses this way will be enough. For those who desire more, the program offers an array of graphs and reports that let users see exactly where their money is going. Both types of users should be pleased with the program's functionality and ease of use. Account Express installs and uninstalls with ease, and is limited to a 30-day trial period.

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