Simple file viewer

View files in several different formats with this basic file viewer.

In terms of design, this free file viewer isn't much to look at, but once you spend some time customizing the interface, you'll find it suitable to view different file formats.

Universal Viewer Free's user interface consists of a single display window. The generic menu and toolbar commands at the top of the window will look familiar to you, but it lets you customize it by adding buttons or hiding toolbars. By adding the different view modes and a few other buttons to the toolbar, we found the overall flow of the program much improved. Viewing a file was simply a matter of browsing for, and selecting, the file. Using the View menu, we were able to switch back and forth between such formats as Text, Binary, Hex, and Unicode. We went through the program's various menu commands and printed, copied, and saved the file in view. We were also able to zoom in and out of the window display, and expand the window for full view.

Should you need any help navigating the program, it does include a built-in Help file. We recommend this program for anyone in search of a no-nonsense file viewer.

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