Slows down performance

Look for an IP program that offers a better trial and doesn't slow you down.

Invisible Browsing has a nicely designed user interface that makes it incredibly easy to change your IP address. Unfortunately, doing so slows your browsing speed down to a halt.

The program's interface was made to accommodate all user levels. It comes with two modes: Automatic and Manual. The Automatic mode displays prominent buttons for changing your IP and restoring it. You can view your real IP address, and with a single click of your mouse, you can change and view the new address in the same window. But as soon as we started browsing with our new IP, we found our browsing speed incredibly slow. On top of that, the language reflected the new IP's location. So, a German IP address brought up Google in German. Switching to Manual mode also only took the click of our mouse, and we like that it offered a 1-2-3-step guide to show you what to input and where, but you will need to be familiar with using proxies. The Manual mode also lets you pick the location of the new IP, which alleviates the language problem. However, our browsing speed still became very slow when we activated the new IP.

The program includes a built-in user guide, as well as links to the publisher's Web site for an FAQ. The FAQ did address our slow browsing speed, but even after switching proxies like it told us to do, we saw no change in our speed. You only have three days to try out the program, and you'll probably use every bit of it to do the same amount of browsing you'd typically get done in two. We suggest you look for a program that doesn't impact your surfing speed so much.

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