Average billing program

Monitor your bills and financial concerns with this so-so program.

Bills and Reminders offers users a way to keep track of their bills and debts with a program aimed at those who may forget to pay. While the navigation of the program is a little rocky at first, users will find a competent program that is short on frills.

This program might instantly overwhelm users, as the main screen is composed of a confusing number of spreadsheet-like rows and columns, along with added boxes in a rainbow of colors. Fortunately, users are prompted to go to the product's Web site and take a tutorial to ease any confusion. The Help file also has useful tips for navigation. Once Bills and Reminders' various boxes and options are better understood, the program becomes a great deal easier. Places to enter bills and debts now becomes fairly obvious, with tallies of upcoming payments and a chart for future due dates stored at the bottom of the screen. Reminders automatically pop up before bills are due, which will help users stay organized. Also helping with organization is the fact that you are only a few simple clicks away from running various reports about your spending and billing.

This 60-day trial initially worried us with its cluttered interface, but soon showed us that it has the ability to balance home billing fairly well by staying basic. If you're willing to spend a little time learning how to navigate the program, we recommend you give Bills and Reminders a try.

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