Screen-capturing program

Allow time to learn this screen-capturing download.

Screenshot Magic offers users the ability to capture a picture of anything that graces their computer's screen. While it works well, users may be turned off by this program's confusing interface.

This program's interface demands a trip to the Help menu from the moment its simple collection of radio buttons and menus appears on screen. Without this program's informative Help file, most users would be lost, as Screenshot Magic's simple screen captures are the result of careful option selection at this stage. Once users determine whether they'd like a desktop shot, a screen capture, a video game screenshot, or simply a portion of a screenshot saved, the program feels a lot more intuitive. Making the capture is a simple matter of clicking one button and saving the shot to your preferred destination is basically just as easy. The program does not get bogged down with options for customizing the saved shots, which we found to be a benefit, since there are plenty of other programs available to alter the appearance of a photo.

If users are willing to take a few extra minutes and read through this 14-day trial's Help menu, they will find this program easy to use. We certainly recommend Screenshot Magic for those willing to put in the small effort required.

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