Complex calculator

Perform both simple and complicated mathematical equations with this program.

Mini Calculator appears to be no different than your computer's calculator at first glance. However, this program quickly transforms into a complicated piece of software that will be great for some users, but certainly not appeal to all.

This freeware initially looks no different than the calculator that comes with most computers. With a simple 10-key digit layout, basic arithmetic functions (adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying) and a small bank of keys focusing on memory, users may think the only thing different is the second separate line for data at the top. However, once the Expand key is clicked, the calculator doubles in size and offers many more complicated choices. These buttons focus primarily on hexadecimal equations and pi, and therefore might not be for all users.

Results were fine while we tested equations. The program has a Help menu that gives details about all the keys and what function they perform if users aren't initially familiar with certain commands. However, we only see this program appealing to those users who require a deeper set of functions in a calculator. Users simply seeking out something to add, subtract, multiply, and divide might not appreciate the extras this calculator offers.

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