Simple commands

Convert large groups of pictures with the click of your mouse.

ImageBadger Image Converter provides users a way to change large groups of pictures with a few simple mouse clicks. With a simple interface and fast results, we were highly impressed by this program.

The program has an interface that looks very much like a child's game. With bright colors and a cartoon badger guiding users through the process, this program is also as simple to learn as a child's game. With a generous box for thumbnails of photos you have chosen and another large area for all the filters being applied, users should have no trouble understanding the conversion process. Even if they do, the cartoon badger functions as a Help menu when the mouse hovers over any area of the program. To convert, users simply select a folder of pictures, weed out the shots they don't want with the program's delete options, select their filters, and hit the large Go button at the bottom. ImageBadger features 44 filters ranging from cropping photos to making them look like they came from a newspaper. In addition, there are dozens of file formats your photos can be converted to.

ImageBadger quickly converted our entire folder of images with ease. Though the trial limits you to only 50 file conversions, we still got a clear picture of its solid performance. Thanks to its simple commands, helpful instructions and depth of options we highly recommend this program for download.

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