Digital photo framer

Frame your digital photos with this simple program.

Framing Studio allows digital photographers the opportunity to line their pictures up with different frames and apply special effects to each shot. With a simple interface, our only concern is whether all users will find the product useful.

The program has a very simple interface featuring a large center screen for viewing photos and big command icons along the left side for applying frames and effects. Users looking for a lot of choices will be pleased with the dozens of framing options ranging from wild and crazy, to dignified and traditional. The effects are less impressive, thanks to a small list of options that range from creating a blur, a swirl or a photo negative. Borders and effects were easily and quickly applied to our photos. Users choose a photo to manipulate and then need only make a few simple clicks to change the appearance and add a new border. An added bonus is the controls within each border to alter its color, appearance and more.

Your time is limited with the program's 30-use trial. While we were pleased with the fact that Framing Studio quickly and easily created new borders for our photos, we wonder how much appeal this download will have. Its images are certainly a fun way to alter shots, but will not appeal to those looking for a professional way to alter photos. However, if you're looking for a quick way to add fun to your photos, this program is a great choice.

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