Excel template for investors

Back up your gut feeling about a potential investment with data using this preformatted Excel spreadsheet.

Investors who want to determine the possible returns of their funding, plus figure the impact of amortized goodwill and other factors, will certainly want to check out this preformatted Excel spreadsheet.

The Investment and Business Valuation tool is a preformatted spreadsheet with four tabs: Assumptions, Before (investment), After (assumptions regarding value of investment), and Results (Return on Investment). The initial tab, Assumptions, lets you choose either New or Existing investment and to enter a number of key factors: taxation and amortization, capital, and cost of capital--including risk-free rate, market risk premium, and weighted cost of capital. The interface is well-designed for leading the user step by step through entering assumptions regarding taxable and nontaxable revenue, operating expenses, investment expenses, existing assets, and capital expenditures for up to five years. The spreadsheet performed very well in our tests. Entering data--and knowing where to enter data--was a simple matter, although for the latter, some understanding of accounting principles is necessary. We were pleased with the built-in financial analysis charts and their ease of use. Also very handy were charts for Depreciation, Asset Disposal, Goodwill, Tax Calculation, and other elements important for determining potential ROI. For instance, the Annual Cash Flow trending chart and the Comparable Investment Score charts provide excellent data for helping to make important investing decisions.

The trial period is adequate for anyone familiar with investment procedures, and the price is nice. This is a pleasing little spreadsheet to add to your tool portfolio.

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