Dynamic organizational software

Coordinate nearly every aspect of life with this program.

Modern life demands a lot of juggling to keep everything straight. From finances, to social events, to keeping on top of your digital music, no one should feel guilty for needing a personal assistant. While it is not quite a secretary, MyLife Smart Organizer aims to bring as many disparate elements of life together as possible.

This download has a futuristic look of gray steel and 11 sleek icons that represent practically anything you might need to organize (business information, contacts, recipes, money, music, photos, personal records, and others). By selecting one of these icons, a list appears along the right side of the screen, which expands each icon into different elements. Clicking brings users to a new screen where elements of this item can be intuitively managed. We found it fairly easy to add everything from a To-Do list to a recipe.

While much of the artwork looks like it came from mid-'90s clipart, it was not enough to turn us off to this interesting program. MyLife seems to have successfully combined several different programs into one centralized download. We found that navigating was a little clumsy and would take getting used to, but the generous 45-day trial should be more than enough time for most users to get their bearings and see if this all-in-one approach can help them get organized.

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