Simple organizational tool

Save notes, images, and any other items you need to keep on hand, but many will find this program redundant.

My Notes Keeper promises to help users stay organized by collecting the little bits of information we need to keep around but have a tendency to misplace. This program combines several useful tools, but offers nothing new.

My Notes Keeper has a very basic interface that, while cluttered with buttons and options, should not be a difficult to learn. It looks like a version of Microsoft Word, with some added options that most users will immediately recognize. The center holds a word-processing screen with familiar icons for saving, editing, and customizing the text. The biggest change is a file tree along the left-hand side of the screen. Along the way, users can enter any data they please, save it, and easily retrieve it, thanks to the file tree. Tabs lead to specific items, like contact and to-do lists. Both use the text-editing program for creating these, but the organization is nice.

We were happy with the results this program produced, but weren't sure it would meet the needs of every user. This program functions much like Word or other text editors, and most users will already have a program of that type. The file tree is also found in Windows Explorer. Having it built in to the word-processing program is slightly more convenient, but certainly not revolutionary. There's a standard 30-day trial, so users can see if the combination of the file tree, tabs, and text editor does keep them more organized and is worth paying for.

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